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Tunku Kurshiah College is the oldest girls’ boarding school in Malaysia. Well known as TKC – its history started back in 1947.

Tunku Kurshiah College or Malay Girls College was established in 1947, sited at 2 1/2m Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. It was officially opened by Lady Gent, the wife of Sir Edward Gent, the Governor of Malayan Union.

In April 1962, the College moved to a 22-acre site on Bukit Merbah , Jalan Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban. Its new name Tunku Kurshiah College, in honour of the first Queen was formalised when the college was declared open by Almarhum Tuanku Munawir ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman , the Yang Di Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan on 24th May 1963.

My mom is an ex-student of Tunku Kurshiah College (SPM 1991). Being an ex-student means she got the title ‘Old Girl’ of TKC..he..he

She is a member of the TKC Old Girl Association (OGA) and recently the college held an Open Day for its Old Girls!!

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

TKC Open Day is kind of an annual event. That means all ex-students got only one chance in a year to visit back the college.

Mom said Tunku Kurshiah College is going to move to a bigger site in Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan – perhaps next year.

So, this year (2011) was the last chance for TKC old girls to go back to the TKC memory lane on Bukit Merbah, Seremban. Next year it would never be the same. TKC would be totally new to the old girls.

There would be no memory for the old girls in TKC Enstek Nilai. The building, dormitories, school classes, dining hall, sick bay, surau, field, basketball court, tennis court and everything would be totally new.

After 20 years leaving Tunku Kurshiah College, mom finally gets the chance to go back there with me.
The event started at 8.30am but we arrived about 10.00 am because we were lost in city of

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

The concert already started in Dewan Budiman when we arrived.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

So, that was the great Dewan Budiman where exciting things take place in TKC!!

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I also walked down the Lovers Lane at the Square .

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I played at the exercise area which mom said didn’t exist 20 years ago..he..he

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

Oh… and I had a break for my dose of milk as well.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

My mom’s house in TKC was Selendang Delima (Green House) so she also took me to the House Lounge.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

The Green House won so many trophies which were displayed neatly in a corner.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I also visited the dormitories!

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I was in Bougainvilla dorm.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I was also in Honolulu dorm.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

Mom used to stay in Honolulu when she was form four back in 1990.

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

Tunku Kurshiah College is really a nice place!!

TKC Seremban OGA Open Day 2011

I wonder how TKC looks like in Enstek Nilai. It must be thousand times better than the old buildings on Bukit Merbah.

Another chapter added to my childhood story and early child development. As usual, child photography courtesy of my professional child photographer – my mom!

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  • She says:

    Hey. Glad that ure eager to get into tkc. Its random that i read this, but i’m an old girl too :) and my mom is an old girl too. So i know how u feel :) tkc is the best chapter of my life, n m sure anyone who was given the chance would feel the same. But fyi, eventho the buildings are old n very much less attractive in bkt merbah, i can bet 300% that the new tkc is less fun :mrgreen: there, a random post from a random person :) bye. Tc

  • Alexia says:

    You go girl! Speaking as an ex-TKCian myself (I was in the recent batch 2001-2005), there is definitely no other place like TKC. The friends you made there, would be the friends you’d travel until eternity. Make sure I’d see you in 20 years time as an old girl too okay? Good luck dear.
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