Child Art | How To Draw a Ghost – Yes, Hantu!

According to drawing development in children as described by  Betty Edwards, I am now at the third stage which is ~ pictures that tell stories.

  • The scribbling stage 2 years and below
  • The stage of symbols 3 years
  • Pictures that tell stories 4 years
  • The Landscape 5 – 8 years
  • The stage of complexity 9 years
  • The stage of realism 10 – 11 years
  • The crisis period 12 – 13 years

I surprised my mommy when I drew human figures *even though they were just some matchstick men he he*. I also surprised her even greater when I showed my skill of drawing GHOST!!!

Draw a Ghost

Drawing ghosts is really fun and easy. No one really knows what a ghost looks like, so you can make your ghost any way you want. How cool is that? 

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

Trust me, drawing ghost is so easy. You can draw your ghost looking goofy, silly or even funny. It’s all up to your imagination.

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

I started by drawing some simple shapes and then add a face to it. Two eyes and a mouth makes a face. No nose needed ~ ghosts don’t need to breathe oxygen because they already dead he he he! 

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

You can change the ghost’s eyes and mouth for a different look.

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

I like my ghosts to look sad, surprised and scary.

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

If you want a happy ghost, just change the frown to a smile. But then, is there such thing as a happy ghost?

Aren’t dead people become ghosts because they’re not happy and have some unfinished business in the mortal world? Ooooowww…

Ghost by Izzah Sazahly

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