Childhood Stories | BFF – Best Friends Forever

Childhood Story

BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. It literally means friendship for live. I assume – lah. Not really sure.

I don’t really have a BFF. I think it’s too early to consider someone as your BFF.

I treat everyone that I know as a friend. The best one? Hmm.. quite difficult to determine.

Childhood Story

But, if looking at all my pictures collection, it seems that this one person always there besides me. The person is….. Mukhriz!

Childhood Story

He always becomes my buddy whenever we went out for a playschool trip.

A buddy is someone paired to you during an outdoor trip so you can take care of each other and walk side by side holding hands.

Childhood Story

Mukhriz was my buddy during the trip to ICT Snow Walk.

Childhood Story

He was also my buddy during the trip to Raja Tun Uda Library.

Mom thought he is my BFF. But, no mom, he is not.

Childhood Story

I prefer to have a girl as my BFF and I still don’t have one. I prefer not to have any BFF yet.

Childhood Story

I want to be a friend to everyone and enjoy my childhood to the fullest without thinking about friendship, hardship.. yada..yada.. heh heh

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