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Enfagrow A+

I am a serious milk drinker. You can call me milkaholic kid because I love to drink formula milk. Heh heh.

I was born prematuredly at 34 weeks and was feed formula milk since I came out from mom’s tummy.

Mom was still heavily under drug due to emergency cesarean to get me out safe and sound. The nurses have no choice but to feed me formula during the first two days of my birth.

I got the taste of mommy’s milk on the third day. Unfortunately, mom’s milk was not as abundance as other people. I was given formula milk again because my weight dropped drastically.

I drank Enfalac for a few months and then switched to Enfagrow A+ when I turned one year old.

Enfagrow A+

Enfagrow A+ formula milk is very expensive but daddy still bought it for me perhaps due to the following reason.

Enfagrow A+ is formulated with Triple Protection Guard, a unique blend of nutrients including DHA, Dietary Fibers (FOS & Inulin), Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Nah. That’s not the real reason. The truth is other formula milk doesn’t taste as good and yummy as Enfagrow A+. Heh heh.

I consumed Enfagrow A+ from one year old until I turned 4 years. Then, I switched to Enfakid until now.

Enfagrow A+

So, I can claim that I am an Enfa-kid. Just look at the pictures – so many tins of Enfagrow A+ which caused a big deep hole in my dad’s pocket.

Enfagrow A+

I think another reason dad love to buy Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid is that these formula milk usually come with some cool free gifts.

Enfagrow A+

I got story books, discover and learn activity books, puzzles and t-shirts.

I also got invited to Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp which is held at designated shopping mall around Kuala Lumpur.

Enfagrow A+

The activities at Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp were very cool with smart gadgets and whole new learning experience.

I’m not sure when I will stop drinking Enfakid formula milk. Perhaps, daddy will try to change my milk to something cheaper when I have a younger sibbling. Oh no!

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