Childhood Story | Hold the Horses Erkk.. The Pencils!

Teacher Sal (my Novice class teacher) complained to my mom few months ago that I was not able to hold a pencil.

What? Me can’t hold a pencil?

Hold Color Pencil

Mommy was indeed surprised.

Holding Color Pencil

Because I definitely can hold a pencil to draw lines and color at home.

Holding Color Pencil

Mommy didn’t ask further as she was in a hurry that day.

Holding Color Pencil

However, she believes the teacher was telling about me not able to use my right hand to hold a pencil.

Holding Color Pencil

Of course! I am left-handed person. I love using my left hand more!

Perhaps my way of holding a pencil is not yet perfect. I might not yet master the tripod grip of holding a pencil.

The Tripod Grip – The pencil should be positioned so that there is equal pressure between the thumb, the side of the middle finger and the tip of the index finger. All fingers are bent slightly. This is called a “tripod grip” or “tripod pencil grasp”.

But… I definitely can hold a pencil.

Another chapter added to my childhood story and early child development. As usual, child photography courtesy of my professional child photographer – my mom!

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