Favorite Blogger | Evita Nuh from Indonesia

I love peeking at Evita Nuh’s blog!

Her blog’s name is JellyJellyBeans.blogspot.com. Go there. Have a peek.

Evita Nuh or fondly known as Chacha is only 12. Yup, 12 years old in 2011.

Evita Nuh

She has been blogging since she was 9. Yes.. yes.. yes and her English is superb. I think Evita is a genius girl and she loves reading books and poetry too.

Evita Nuh

Evita Nuh is really into FASHION and PHOTOGRAPHY.

Evita Nuh

She has a very cool style and great sense of fashion. A young  fashionista! I strongly believe she will become a super talented model and a super shining designer (when she grown up, of course).

Evita Nuh

It is really amazing because at such a young age, Evita has been featured in so many fashion magazines including international magazines.

Evita usually gave some cold and stone kind of face in most of her photography.

Evita Nuh

But recently she showed her pretty smiles too.

Evita Nuh

Do visit her blog at:


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  • Ria vera andriani says:

    Evita is wonderful kid!
    I know her from my friend who is her sister friend too, wendy..
    I just know about her from her site and her written… Awsome… :)
    If I have time to go to Jakarta,, i really want to met her and her sister to.. I will visit their store in Plasa Indonesia.. :)

  • izzah says:

    suka sama evita!

  • izzah says:

    yes, she is awesome!

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