Play School | 2011 Convocation – I Was A Granny!

I graduated my first year at play school in December 2011. It’s almost time for another graduation ceremony!

Last year, the graduation ceremony was done in an open hall at Sekolah Kebangsaan Setia Alam. The day was hot and the ceiling fans did not do a good job in cooling us down.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed last year play school graduation because:

  • it was my first graduation ever
  • mom, dad and my Tok Wan (grandma) were there
  • i became a granny myself that day!

Yeah. You heard me right. The teachers gave us some role to play during the ceremony.

Kids were involved in role-playing, dancing and singing. I was given a role as a nenek or granny. Why granny? Why not a rabbit, a geisha or anything else cute?

Cute roles are easy. Granny role is quite challenging. I think because I got the talent to carry that serious role maaah. Heh heh.

We practised and practised before the actual graduation day.

Play School - Convocation

I was paired with Fahad as atuk or granpa. We looked so adorable as grandma and grandpa.

Play School - Convocation

The teacher put some make-ups on my face and transformed me into a grandma.

Play School - Convocation

Before…. I was a cute little girl.

Play School - Convocation

After…. I was an adorable grandma..heh heh.

Play School - Convocation

Even Tok Wan (grandma) thought I was so adorable.

Play School - Convocation

Things went well during the practise sessions. But during the show, my partner refused to change his cloths or put his make-up. I lost my partner, the grandpa.

Play School - Convocation

I was so sad and scared because I have to go up stage alone as a single old lady. Sob.. sob… what a tragedy. Grandma lost her mate and cried on stage. Heh heh.

Play School - Convocation

Despite losing my partner, I did a very good job role-playing alone as a grandma.

I’m not sure what activity I will be involved in this year’s graduation day. Not a grandma again, I hope. Perhaps, a dancer?

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